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We deliver all over Ukraine! Free delivery in Kyiv is provided for orders over UAH 10,000. When ordering up to UAH 10,000, delivery is UAH 1,000 within the city of Kyiv. For delivery outside Kyiv, UAH 30 per 1 km from the CP. The delivery of goods ordered in our store is carried out within 1-7 working days from the moment of the order (if the goods are in stock). Agree with the manager-consultant for more precise terms of order fulfillment and delivery. Delivery in Kyiv and the Kyiv region is carried out daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m The delivery of goods ordered in the online store is carried out within 2 - 7 working days from the moment of the order (depending on the features of the product and additional conditions of delivery) after you agree with the manager-consultant on all the details of the order (its cost, availability and delivery date ). Delivery across Ukraine is carried out to the location after you have agreed with the manager-consultant on all the details of the order (its cost, availability and delivery date). The cost of delivery, calculated automatically, must be clarified with the manager-consultant.


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Про Ротанг

The production of wicker furniture from rattan is traditionally done in the countries where the rattan palm grows, mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Indonesians made their wicker furniture already in the Stone Age, so the manufacture of wicker furniture from rattan has a very ancient history. The process of making wicker furniture from rattan is quite simple. And the technology of making rattan furniture is practically waste-free. Everything goes into business. The bark is removed from the rattan trunks, then the cleaned trunks undergo diameter calibration. Rattan is free to bend, and with appropriate steam treatment, it can take on almost any shape specified by the designer. Therefore, already after the steam bath, the supporting parts of the furniture structure are made from steam-treated rattan. For the openwork weaving of rattan furniture, the core of the palm is used, which is cut in the form of spaghetti of various diameters. The bark, in turn, is also cut into equal strips for braiding joints, ends, corners, as well as making mats and mats. After the rattan product is formed and before it is dyed, all products are sorted: the best quality rattan (perfect color and structure) is used for natural or honey dyeing. Only selected rattan is used for dyeing in natural or honey color - the whitest, without defects in color. In addition to these colors, rattan is dyed olive, brown, coffee and cognac. At the beginning of the dyeing process, the woven rattan product is covered with a special varnish and paint, and after 20 minutes, it is re-sprayed with varnish and paint. The whole process takes place on a special painting stand. Then the product is polished, removing streaks and irregularities, thereby preparing it for the next stage. At the final stage, wicker furniture is varnished. Varnishing gives the final color of rattan furniture. Water-based polyurethane varnish is used for varnishing: water-based makes it possible to use rattan furniture in wet rooms and outdoors. Polyurethane varnish does not contain ingredients harmful to health and ecology. Also, polyurethane varnish does not have an unpleasant smell.

The artificial rattan of our production is a polyethylene composition consisting of high-pressure polyethylene, linear polymer, suitable dyes, protection against UV radiation.

The combination of components in our composition makes the material elastic, reliable and allows you to create furniture products with a renewable form.

That is, even after certain loads, the tapes stretch, but after removing the load, they return to their original shape.

This allows us to produce products that are exposed to heavy loads in the sun, such as beach furniture (loungers, sofas, chairs, etc.).

Wicker furniture made of our artificial rattan is very ergonomic: it smoothly and comfortably supports the seat and back of a person.

Our chairs, armchairs and sofas are comfortable to sit on even without cushions, which is important for outdoor areas.

With the use of pillows recommended by us, the level of comfort only increases, the pillows are conveniently fixed with Velcro straps under the seat, the place of attachment is not visible, and the pillow will not move anywhere during use.

Dyes and ultraviolet protection of TOSAF concern (Israel) are used in the production of artificial rattan ribbons.

The use of polyethylene composition in the composition of our artificial rattan tape gives the following advantages:

- polyethylene is a human-friendly material: polyethylene has no smell, does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies. (an additional confirmation of the environmental friendliness of the material is the use of polyethylene in the packaging of food products.)

- furniture made of polyethylene composition will not emit an unpleasant "chemical" smell characteristic of PVC products produced by Chinese companies.

- such furniture can be used with pleasure at home, in places of rest (for example, in baths, swimming pools, SPA salons, etc.)

- polyethylene is not afraid of frost. Our furniture can be left for the winter in unheated rooms, and PVC furniture is prone to the risk of cracking in the cold.

- Protection against UV radiation used by us protects products from fading of colors in the sun, which was tested on our samples exposed to the open air for 2 years.

We use argon-arc welded product frames made of structural aluminum with powder enamel coating.

In combination with them, artificial rattan from a polymer composition allows you to make reliable, comfortable, attractive products at an affordable price.

If necessary, our products can be washed with a high-pressure washer, of course, following a reasonable approach to the value of the jet pressure, which is very convenient.